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Discussion Predator Sense shows gpu idle! What to search discussions comments polls questions answers. November edited March in Predator Laptops. Predator Sense shows gpu idle even though the gpu is working! How do i resolve it? November You mean it only displays mhz or nothing?

March I have the same problem! Any fix yet? Rbd Member Posts: 3 New User. Click "Manage 3D Settings" and then make sure it's set to auto-select for Global Settings, then go to Program Settings, and search a program you need to use your graphics card on such as a graphics intensive gamethen click "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor" You want to use your integrated graphics, the graphics on your cpu, for everyday tasks such as browsing, browser games, youtube, most programs such as photoshop, and then your dedicated graphics on demanding games such as CS:GO, Gta V, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, etc.

You want to do this so as not to wear out your integrated graphics as well as to not wear down your dedicated graphics. I hope this helps, please tell me if it didn't so that I can give you more advice, anyone who's having this issue. Go into the nvidia control panel like Rbd is referring to then click on manage 3d settings on the left, choose the program settings tab, then pick the predator sense application, then choose the preferrred graphics processor as the nvidia.

Member Posts: 20 Networker. Saxoman Member Posts: 14 Tinkerer. April Queen6 Member Posts: Skilled Practitioner. Deltatech Member Posts: 7 Tinkerer. I'm executing on an External 4k Monitor x, Nvidia Control Panel is set to only use the dedicated. I noticed this problem after a windows update a few days ago. Only thing I can think of is to reinstall PredatorSense, as last Windows update my have broken it.

December Running Windows Worked yesterday.

Safe PC Temperatures as Fast As Possible

Re installed, running game windowed and no change. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online in this Category 4 Devyme. Join in, share your experience!

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gpu idle during game

New Here?A proper maintenance is required for your gaming PC for ultimate performance. A few years back when we play games on PC without knowing the capacity of computer peripherals. After playing games the computer goes to break down and it is mainly because of overheating.

Nowadays people using expensive gaming machines and to run it flawless there is essential to track CPU temperature and GPU temperature. There are built-in sensors to track CPU temperature. The initial temperature of CPUs is the bit lower than before, with using complex technology to make new generation processors.

gpu idle during game

The initial temperature is varied in different models of various manufacturers. There is no exact temperature is decided for ideal gaming. It mainly depends on which processor you use. The Intel identify the maximum operating temperature is 95 degree Celsius while AMD at degree Celsius, but these temperatures are for if you doing some heavy overclocking with insufficient cooling.

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Sometimes overclocking may cause permanent damage to the processor and prevent from it use extra cooling systems for it. These two companies make GPUs but there are also some partner hardware companies make their own graphic card with their cooling systems. It depends on different cooling systems which used by various manufacturers and because of it the average temperature is also varied. The Open-air is widely used to cool down the GPU.

There are mainly one to three fans uses to push air through a heat sink. It can work better with proper airflow and support of case fans. The blower fan can easily see on all the models of the graphics card.

In this cooling system, the entire graphics card is covered and there is only one fan which sucks cool air and blows away hot air from the back. This is not quite popular as open-air as the graphics card with blower fan run hotter.

It is preferable for only who have limited space and not proper airflow. There is also a feature called smart fan technology and most of modern-day graphics card comes with it.

Predator Sense shows gpu idle!

So what does it mean? The smart fan technology controls the speed of the fan which means the fan is at its idle speed when the temperature is between 35 and 40 degree Celsius and it is not necessary to run a fan at high speed for low temperature and also reduce noise and power consumption. The graphics card with a non-overclocked condition it hardly goes more than 85 degree Celsius with the proper fan. There are ample amount of sensors are comes inbuilt in CPUs, GPUs and motherboards and with it, the user can see the temperature of each component.Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

Game Stuttering is a very common problem that can be faced by anyone, even if you have a high-end PC with a powerful graphics card, processor, tons of RAM, and equipped with all the latest gaming hardware. What happens in stuttering is the game freezes for microseconds or fraction of secondskipping the next frame, and this ruins the whole gaming experience.

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Sometimes it may be a one-time thing because of the game issue or whatever, but if it is happening continuously at regular intervals, then it is a big issue, which needs to be sorted out. Stuttering is also referred to as micro-stuttering because it lasts for a very short period of time only. Stuttering may or may not lead to lower FPS, as it is possible that you are getting an average of 60 FPS in the game, but having terrible stuttering issues.

However, in some cases stuttering may lead to lower frame rates that can be very troublesome. I think stuttering is more annoying than getting low FPS, because during low FPS you might know its cause, and can take proper measures to increase to some extent. Also, you can still game without losing control on low frame rates, but in stuttering, it surprises you with sudden jitters and hiccups that make you lose control in the game, especially when it is a faced paced FPS game.

Stuttering in games occurs due to either hardware or software issues, or even both. In some cases, the hardware is the culprit while in some software or drivers can cause the problem, and in rare cases, both hardware and software are at fault. I have personally encountered stuttering several times in various games, and most of the time I have managed to it after hours of testing and research.

The main thing is that there is no single cause for stuttering, and you need to figure out the root problem by taking into account all the factors. So, to help out gamers that are struggling with the stuttering problem, here I am going to list down the main causes of game stuttering with their proper solutions or fixes.

This generally happens when the overclock is unstable, but sometimes it can also happen when the overclock is pretty stable in other applications or in benchmarks. I have encountered this issue personally in some games, where the game would even crash several times in the middle if I had overclocking done to my CPU.

The same thing applies to GPU or graphics cards too. Both play a very important role in the smooth running of games, and it is generally a good idea to have more than the amount that is recommended for the game. You can also use the system requirements lab CYRI Can You Run It tool to check whether your system meets the minimum system requirements for that particular game or not.

Video driver or graphics driver is also one of the major causes of stuttering in games. It is always recommended to install the latest video drivers for the latest games. However, sometimes the latest graphics driver can also be the root of the problem, and in such cases, it is better to revert to the older stable drivers. You must remember that the latest video drivers are not always better, and not one driver suits all graphics cards the same, so you should test all recent video drivers to find out which driver version works best for you.

To clean install older or new video drivers, it is better to use Display Driver Uninstaller DDU for uninstalling video drivers. DDU is a small utility that completely removes every trace of the older video driver, including the registries and other related files. It does prove helpful in troubleshooting video driver related problems that occur with graphics cards from time to time. Well, it happens rarely but audio drivers may also cause stuttering, specifically audio stuttering, which is skipping of audio, audio lag, audio slurring and freezing of audio playback for micro-seconds.

We generally keep the video driver updated for a graphics card, but do not update the audio drivers that often. So, if you are facing issues related to audio stuttering then it better to update the audio drivers of your integrated audio or your dedicated sound card.

However, if you have an integrated sound chip or sound card that is not fully supported by modern operating systems like Windows 10, then it is better to change your motherboard to a newer one or you can buy a dedicated sound card that includes full support for latest Windows Operating Systems. Windows Updates is also on the list of the main causes of game stuttering.

With Windows 10, this problem is even widespread because of frequent updates are being released and installed for Windows I have seen this many times that with a recent update, the game would start to stutter or even lose some frame rates, which was working completely fine before the update.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. I've been having an issue lately where my monitor will lose signal usually about 5 minutes into playing any graphic-instense games. Everything I have open the game, Skype, Steam seems to stay running I can still hear game noises and message notifications but the monitor won't recieve a signal from the computer.

I have to force shut down the computer and restart it to get the monitor signal back and lose all of my progress in the Sims, dammit.

According to Google, many people seem to have had this issue but I can't seem to find any fix. I've monitored temperatures while gaming and there is no overheating. I've tried switching cables, switching monitors, re-seating the graphics card, checking my RAM.

Something tells me that RMAing my graphics card isn't going to fix the issue. The only thing I haven't tested because I don't know how to is the power supply. I'm hoping somebody who has had this issue can give me some more suggestions or maybe somebody can explain to me how to check that the PSU is working properly. This is a brand new computer.

GPU Temperature.. What is good?

I just built this thing maybe a month and a half ago. It's clean and pristine inside, no dust anywhere. All of these beefy components are encased in a huge, spacious case that keeps everything nice and cool. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Always had this issue, or did it just start recently?

Screwed up driver or faulty GPU comes to mind. Prowlcorp View Profile View Posts. What i can think of if gpu temps are fine when it crashes. Either a bad psu that cant supply enough power, bad driver, or something on the gpu is damaged. Originally posted by kamk :. Last edited by BloodOrphans ; 11 Mar, am. Originally posted by Prowlcorp :. Anyways, i'd start with checking all cables for any loose connection, clean reinstall of older driver version with DDU!

Fluffy View Profile View Posts. The gpu could be faulty but check you power options to make sure you dont have the display turning off after X mins of inactivity. Last edited by Fluffy ; 11 Mar, am.

Ideal CPU Temperature and GPU Temperature For Gaming

Originally posted by Fluffy :. Last edited by Fluffy ; 11 Mar, pm. So yea that is not the issue. I very much dislike HDMI of any kind and refuse to use it. It is not secure in any ways. May help to have a PC Tech look at it and troubleshoot it with parts to narrow down the issues. Could be faulty cable, GPU, u name it.The high temperature of your hardware, including GPU, never indicates something good. On the contrary, that can be a result of cooling problems, or much worse, the first signs of hardware failure.

These temperature increases are usually followed by BSOD, sudden shutdowns, or restarts and must be taken care off as soon as possible. Therefore, a quick reaction is crucial in order to prevent any additional damage.

Graphics cards are different in their build and architecture and therefore, offer different normal and max GPU temps. Therefore, only the manual, or official specifications of that exact graphics card, can give the definite answer to the question: How hot should my GPU be?

Of course, the maximum GPU temp is a value that should be reached during heavy GPU loads such as gaming, but not during the idle mode or easier tasks. For that reason, visit the forums and blogs to discover what the average GPU temp of your card is, and once you have that information along with the max temp values of your GPU, proceed to the next step. Unfortunately, this action requires for PC restart and cannot give you the temperature values under load.

gpu idle during game

In other words, it can be used for reference reasons, but for the more precise monitoring, it is advisable to use a monitoring software.

Today, there are numerous software solutions that offer not only the information about your GPU temp, but also detailed data about all the hardware in your computer. After you have decided on your monitoring software, it is the time to establish what your idle and average GPU temp values are.

For the first value, wait for a couple of minutes after the system boots, until all the processes finish and there are only the essential ones. If you are not sure when that is, wait some 5 or so minutes — values that are then read should be more than acceptable. When you have finished that, start some graphics app such as Photoshop, play a not-that-demanding game or something similar that will not load your GPU that much, and make the readings of your average GPU temps.

For that purpose, you can use the already mentioned Heaven software that has both stress testing and monitoring function, a dedicated graphics cards testing utility such as 3DMark in combination with some of the monitoring software options previously mentioned, or even games themselves if they have built-in temperature monitoring software.

If you have finished collecting the data and you have normal GPU temp readings, you can relax and forget about the rest of the text.

gpu idle during game

On the other hand, if your readings are above the usual values by degrees or more this mostly applies to max values, since the average and idle temps may vary solving the problem is your only alternative. In this case, read the following lines carefully. When GPU temperature is well above the acceptable values it is the time to take some serious action that includes the following:.

Cleaning the heatsinks and the whole computer from dust with a vacuum cleaner, or even better, an air compressor, can do miracles for your GPU temp, as well as other hardware.

Just be careful not to make any damage and be extra careful. Pay additional attention to the fans and clean them the best you can. First, remove the dust from the fans with a vacuum cleaner, or blow it away with an air compressor. After that, you may use the baby wipes and ear sticks to wipe off and clean all the remaining dust, including the one that is placed below or on the fan blades.Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site! Low GPU usage in games is one of the most common problems that trouble many gamers worldwide.

If you are getting less than this then you are suffering from low GPU usage problem, which ultimately means less FPS and lower performance in games. There are many factors that can cause low GPU usage, depending upon the system configuration and drivers you have. It also means that there are both hardware and software factors involved in lower GPU utilization of your graphics card. So, here in this post, I am going to list all the causes and it fixes for low GPU usage.

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Here are the top software and hardware related problems for low GPU usage with their appropriate fix. It means that you have an under-powered CPU that is not able to keep up with your graphics card performance.

If you have a powerful CPU and still the GPU usage is also not at maximum then you have other issues, which you can check out below.

This will cause your GPU to work more and it will have much higher utilization than before.

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It can be possible that you are getting high usage on two cores only, and others are just not used at all. Video drivers also contribute a lot to this low GPU usage problem. It is also important to note that the latest drivers are not always better, as I have experienced this many times with my graphics card in the latest games. So, if you have the latest graphics card drivers installed and getting low GPU usage then you can roll back to previous drivers, and see if the problem goes away or not.

Also, if you have older drivers installed then you can install the latest ones and monitor the GPU usage. Here I would also like to add that if a particular driver works best for your GPU then it is not certain that it will also deliver the best performance for other GPUs.

For example, I get the best performance in games with Forceware If I install the latest drivers then I do notice lower performance and stuttering, even in the latest games.

One another thing you should always keep in mind before installing video drivers, you have to completely uninstall previous drivers using DDU or Display Driver Uninstallerwhich is the best video card driver uninstaller utility that removes every trace of the older video driver including its registry.

The most common causes of GPU heating are:. Overclocking — If you have overclocked your graphics card beyond its limit, then most likely the GPU cooler is not able to keep up with the temperature. Eventually, the GPU will definitely get overheated and throttle down to lower clock speeds to avoid any kind of damage to itself.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Global Achievements. Joga View Profile View Posts. This problem might be specific to my particular setup, but figured I'd post it anyway: I started playing Superhot and saw that the framerate was awful sub 20 FPSand quickly saw why - my GPU Radeon HD was completely idle. I have my HD hooked up to my primary center monitor, and the onboard HD is connected to my 2nd and 3rd displays because of reasons that would take too long to explain.

I have "Screen 2" selected from the startup prompt which is my primary monitor hooked up to the If I unplug the other two monitors so only the is active then everything works fine and the game stays mostly pegged at FPS my monitor's refresh rate.

Not sure if this would apply to other people's FPS problems, but generally games will either only use the primary graphics adapter my Radeon HD in this caseor if it offers a choice of monitor, will use whatever GPU is connected to the specified monitor. It's definitely not doing that in this case. Last edited by Joga ; 5 Mar, am. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Viila View Profile View Posts. I've got 4 monitors hooked up two on each card and I told the game to display on my primary monitor that is physically connected ot the But it still uses the puny GPU for whatever reason.

Bojang View Profile View Posts. This needs to be higher. I defintely think the game is using the wrong GPU. So, I think I figured out my problem. It's a bug with the monitor selection. In Windows if I rearrange and drag Monitor 1 primary AMD from the middle to the left side, then suddenly everything works perfectly as expected in Superhot aside from the fact that my Windows desktop is now different from how it's physically laid out on my desk.

I suppose it's not the highest priority bug since my setup isn't exactly typicaland there is a workaround either disable your other monitors or rearrange them in Windows Display settingsbut it's definitely a bug with the monitor selection. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I worked around it by running in windowed mode. It still opens up in wrong monitor, but I can drag the window to my main screen and get good fps.

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